The Technology courses impart a wide range of professional knowledge on everything to do with stringed instrument manufacture: the background history of violin and guitar making, other building methods, the main European traditions, stringed instrument styles, scientific research, bibliographical study, interaction with musicians, study of types of wood, professional ethics, listening exercises, attending orchestra rehearsals, etc. Some of these lessons are given in or around practice workshops or are integrated in the practical courses themselves.

Every year there will be educational trips to different wood traders, museums, music fairs or exhibitions. These trips will vary depending on the year.

Every three years and for the students of the 2nd and 3rd year of both violin and guitar making, a bigger trip will be organised to visit wood traders and museums in Germany, Italy or Spain.

In the course of Technical Drawing, the entire structure of the violin and the guitar examined and a complete construction plan of making the instrument signed supervised and designed.

Music, Acoustics and Music and Art History are also subjects in the education at ILSA.

As ILSA is part of a larger secondary school, the PTS (Provincial Technical School), the students must follow some other subjects that are not directly related with instrument making, such as: PAV, Physical Education, Religion/Ethics, French (2nd year) and English (3rd year). Exemption for this subjects is possible, depends on the previous education of each student and is the decision to grant this exemption is ultimately up to the direction of the school.