Anton Somers, was born in 1986, Borgerhout, Belgium.  Since childhood, he was very passionate about woodworking. He started his studies at the violinmaking school of Antwerp when he was 16 years old.

Directly after his studies in 2006 he started his professional career as assistant and later as trusted hand of Thomas Meuwissen in Brussels. This collaboration ended in 2011. Then Anton decided to take the leap and started his own business opening his workshop in his hometown Melsele where he grew up and is strongly connected to the cultural life.

In 2012, Anton Somers and Thomas Meuwissen decided to work together again, but this time in the workshop of Anton in Melsele. In this period Anton was responsible for the complete production of instruments. This collaboration came to a definitive end in 2015.

In September 2016, Anton took on the challenge to work as a teacher in the violin making school of Antwerp ILSA.

In December 2016, he received a Coup du Coeur in the violin making competition “Violoncellenseine” in Paris which was dedicated to the cello. One of his cellos was awarded for his tonal qualities.